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Israeli Memorial Day

Israelis standing beside the graves of Israeli soldiers at the Mount Herzl military cemetery in Jerusalem on Memorial Day, May 11, 2016.... Full story


March of the Living involves youth from around the world

KRAKOW, Poland-More than 10,000 young adults from 42 countries participated in the 28th Annual March of the Living through Auschwitz-Birkenau, the world's largest Holocaust commemoration. The March br... Full story


Zerivitz receives honorary degree

Marcia Jo Zerivitz, founding executive director of the Jewish Museum of Florida-FIU, has demonstrated vision and leadership throughout her life to expand knowledge, enrich collective historic memory... Full story

 By Bennett Lloyd    News    May 20, 2016

Zionist origins of Seminole County

May is Jewish American Heritage Month in the United States, and the Museum of Seminole County History is proud to display the great impact of Jewish contributions to Seminole County History in a special exhibit located in its front parlor. This... Full story

 By Jacob Kamaras    News    May 20, 2016

'No statute of limitations on genocide,' Nuremberg anniversary confab reminds

Why should the casual observer care about the seemingly obvious need to prosecute and convict Nazi war criminals, whether it be during the Nuremberg trials of the 1940s or similar proceedings in more... Full story


U.S. announces $50 million in aid to the Gaza Strip

( The United States has announced a $50 million humanitarian aid program for the Gaza Strip. According to U.S. officials, the aid—which will be distributed by the U.S. Agency for International Development in conjunction with Catholic R... Full story


Poll: Netanyahu among 10 most-admired people in U.S.

(Israel Hayom/Exclusive to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is the 10th-most-admired person in the United States, according to the "World's Most Admired 2016" YouGov poll that... Full story


Hundreds participated in Orlando's first Mitzvah Day

On Sunday, May 1, volunteers came together to serve the greater Orlando community and to perform tikun olam, "repair of the world." Mitzvah Day, a first-time, large-scale, community-wide event was... Full story


Sam Goldstein named valedictorian OHS Class of '16

At the Oviedo High School senior awards ceremony on May 5, Sam Goldstein, 17, was recognized as valedictorian with a 4.76 GPA, and was also named Outstanding Senior Student of the Year and received... Full story


I get it now...

Tonight, at 8 o'clock, the sirens around Israel were sounded. Everywhere. Not for rockets from Gaza, or Lebanon, or any other place of hate in the Middle East. For the soldiers who died defending... Full story


JFS Orlando receives grant for Family Stabilization Program

JFS Orlando recently received a $40,000 grant through the Orlando Sentinel Family Fund, a McCormick Foundation Fund. The grant will support the organization's Family Stabilization Program. The Family... Full story

 By Ben Cohen    Opinions    May 20, 2016

Season 3 of 'Trump': reasons to be nervous about foreign policy

The last time I wrote about Donald Trump in this column was back in December 2015, when the Republican presidential primary race was in full swing. Then, I voiced concern about what the Middle East policy of a Trump administration might look like,... Full story


Standing in unity with Israel, flaws and all

Israel’s Yom Ha’atzmaut—Independence Day—is particularly meaningful to my family. My uncle brought his family to the country from Poland in 1936, and he and my aunt fought on the streets of Tel Aviv in the War of Independence in 1948. My grandmo... Full story


Donald and Hillary

It seems appropriate to call these two contenders for the world’s most powerful office by their first names. Even this far away from their campaigns, where the news is usually about something else, we’ve been listening for more than a year to a gre... Full story


Registered student organizations have a right to exist on campus

Islamophobia: dislike of or prejudice against Islam or Muslims, especially as a political force. When UCF students walk toward the Student Union, they are greeted by a cacophony of music and welcomed by tables of students. Among the student... Full story

 By Eli E. Hertz    Opinions    May 20, 2016

Nakba: Victims of their own doing

As the British began to dismantle their Mandate (The British Mandate) and leave western Palestine, Israel’s War of Independence began (November 30, 1947‑ May 14, 1948). During the war, Palestinian Arabs became belligerents in the conflict, and by... Full story

 By Jacob Kamaras    Opinions    May 20, 2016

At March of the Living, learning how to live

Sophie Wortsman. 16. Toronto. Student. Benji Zoller. 18. Dallas. Student. Sam Peltz. 83. Florida and New York. Survivor. Jacob Kamaras. 30. Houston. Journalist. We all shared the same experience on May 5—the 28th annual March of the Living, a 1.86-mi... Full story


What's Happening

MORNING AND EVENING MINYANS (Call synagogue to confirm time.) Chabad of South Orlando—Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. and 10 minutes before sunset; Saturday, 9:30 a.m.; Sunday, 8:15 a.m., 407-354-3660. Congregation Ahavas Yisrael—Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m... Full story


No victims here

Speaking through her tears it was not clear whether Eliana, 15, was crying tears of sadness because of her loss, or tears of joy because she was in a place where she could express herself, and cry... Full story


British Labour Party engulfed by convergence of the far left and anti-Semitism

Jewish leaders in the United Kingdom have voiced their displeasure with the Labour Party amid an anti-Semitism scandal within its ranks that continues to engulf the country's second-largest party.... Full story

 By Gloria Yousha    Features    May 20, 2016

Scene Around

"Heeeeeere's Johnny"... Just recently I watched a two-hour special on the life of television Tonight Show host for 30 years, Johnny Carson. Not only am I missing all the years of watching him and his... Full story

 By Risa Sugarman    Features    May 20, 2016

What about the Jewish prayer for those with mental illness?

(Kveller via JTA)-Traditionally, we say the Mi Sheberach prayer for those who are ill and those recovering from illness or accident. For example, I added the name of my friend's daughter to the list... Full story


Chocolate, Halva and Tahini Swirl Buns

(The Nosher via JTA)-I had my first proper halva experience at The Halva Kingdom in the Machane Yehuda shuk in Jerusalem. I'd never really liked halva before that-the one or two times I had tasted it,... Full story


Holocaust commemoration begins at home

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (JTA)-After Yvonne van Gennep-Bouma discovered that Holocaust victims used to live in what is now her home, she began to think about them constantly. At night, van Gennep-Bouma... Full story


'Not Just a Game,' by Dr. Doug Zipes

INDIANAPOLIS-A noted Indiana University cardiologist, Dr. Doug Zipes, has published his third novel, a historical thriller titled "Not Just a Game." The book follows three generations of Olympic... Full story


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