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The Three Amigos Summit

(JNS) — In Mexico City last week, the president of the United States met with the president of Mexico and the prime minister of Canada for what was dubbed the “Three Amigos Summit.” The notion that Joe Biden, Andrés Manuel López Obrador and...


Walk like an Israeli

(JNS) — Imagine if Pope Francis were to say: “Only Christians are permitted in the Vatican! No Muslims and no Jews!” The “international community” would be outraged. But the pontiff would never say that. Muslims and Jews are welcome in the...


The UN goes DEFCON 3 on Israel

(JNS) — Vladimir Putin is slaughtering Ukrainian men, women and children. Xi Jinping is committing genocide against the Muslims of East Turkistan. Ali Khamenei is murdering Iranian girls for wearing their hijabs in what he considers a provocative...


Cold War II and Biden's new 'new world order'

(JNS) — These are confusing times, and President Joe Biden is not helping to bring clarity. Last week, for example, he told Business Roundtable that “there’s going to be a new world order.” What could he possibly have meant? The old “new...


It's not enough to just remember the Holocaust

(JNS) — International Holocaust Remembrance Day is meant to serve two purposes: to memorialize the victims of the Nazi genocide and help prevent future genocides. Last week, on Jan. 27, the day designated by the U.N. General Assembly for this annua...


Islamic Revolution 101

(JNS) — In early 1979, I was sent to Iran to report on the rebellion then underway. I was woefully ignorant of Iranian history, politics and theology. But older, more experienced colleagues in the journalistic, diplomatic and intelligence communiti...


Will Biden learn from Trump and keep making America secure again?

(JNS) — “Build Back Better” was Joe Biden’s campaign slogan. How different is that, really, from “Make America Great Again”? Both BBB and MAGA suggest the need for restoration, for reversing deterioration and decline, for fixing what’s...


The Cold War with China has begun

(JNS) — Not long before a virus born in China began spreading around the globe, destroying lives, devastating economies, and, oh yes, shutting down the Washington social scene, I attended an elegant, off-the-record dinner hosted by a well-funded...


Xi Jinping's Wuhan virus has changed the course of history

(JNS)—Microbes are changing our lives, our economy, our culture. You should know—though it will provide no consolation—that it has ever been thus. Perhaps you assumed that the ability of pestilence to change the course of history was... well, h... Full story


Getting human rights right

(Israel Hayom via JNS)—At the State Department, human rights have generally been a not-so-high priority. The big kahunas tend to focus on war and peace, allies and adversaries, national security and global economics. So it came as something of a... Full story


Socialist eras and errors

(JNS)—Socialism is cool again, thanks not least to septuagenarian Sen. Bernie Sanders and millennial Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (aka AOC). Socialism has been cool before, of course, notably during the Great Depression, and what became known as... Full story


The sparkling waters of the West Bank

(JNS)—In this topsy-turvy world, if you’d like to see Palestinians living in peace, gainfully employed, with access to quality medical care and reason to believe tomorrow will be brighter than today, you’re denounced as anti-Palestinian. If,... Full story


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