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 By Eliana Rudee    Features    March 9, 2018

New book: A slam dunk for African-American hoopsters who take to Israel

(JNS)-Canadian sports executive, lawyer and author of the new book "Alley-Oop to Aliyah: African American Hoopsters in the Holy Land," David A. Goldstein is often asked why he decided to write about... Full story

 By Eliana Rudee    News    February 23, 2018

Ahmadi Muslims promote a message of peace

(JNS)—As a small Islamic sect of an estimated 20 million people—about 1 percent of the global Muslim population—the Ahmadiyya community is a persecuted minority across the Middle East. But at the southern entrance of the northern Israeli city... Full story


The much-awaited grassroots, Zionist, progressive movement is here

Salt and pepper, peanut butter and jelly, Zionism and progressivism.  Few question the inherent, irrefutable bond between the first two of those pairs, but civil rights attorney and co-founder of... Full story


Raising the Palestinian flag disrupts a safe space for Zionism

As a child, I spent my summers at Camp Solomon Schechter, a Conservative Jewish camp in Tumwater, Wash., set on the shores of Lake Joshua Stampfer. My experiences at Camp Schechter were central to the development of my Jewish identity and eventual... Full story

 By Eliana Rudee    Features    May 26, 2017

Fifty Jerusalem facts for 50th anniversary of reunification

Israelis celebrate the 50th anniversary of Jerusalem's reunification May 23-24. Leading up to the holy city's semi-centennial milestone, here are 50 facts highlighting the rich tapestry of Israel's... Full story


Birthright fosters optimism following harrowing UN Security Council vote

Two days into my first Taglit-Birthright Israel trip, during which I led a group of 40 Americans around Israel, I heard the news of the Obama administration’s unprecedented refusal to veto a United Nations Security Council resolution condemning... Full story


Israel is high on rule bending for medical marijuana

Google CEO Eric Schmidt believes Israeli entrepreneurs succeed because they challenge authority, question everything, and don’t go by the rules. “The impact of the Israelis on science and technology is immense, so that’s why I’m here and why... Full story


Taking Risks: The Israeli Way

When individuals move to Israel, most are transformed by the new experience in obvious ways. Some become more religious, others become more right wing, and many become more, well, Israeli. Over the last 13 months, I’ve witnessed my own... Full story

 By Eliana Rudee    News    September 9, 2016

East African lawyers look to Israel for negotiation tactics

In the wake of expanding East African-Israeli relations, African nations often reach out to Israel for know-how on a range of topics: water conservation, energy, agricultural productivity, counter-terrorism; and now business negotiation. Although it... Full story


Lessons learned through an Israeli health-care debacle

When I made aliyah over a year ago, I was warned that it would be hard. With no family here, many people gave me their contact information and an open invitation for any assistance when needed. But for me, for the first year, it really wasn’t all... Full story


Living in Israel and dealing with loss from abroad

By Eliana Rudee (JNS.org) Living in Israel comes with many hardships, some of them known and some of them unknown. I expected certain dilemmas with the language, bureaucracy, cultural immersion and finances, for example. But there is one thing that... Full story

 By Eliana Rudee    Opinions    July 29, 2016

When everything has changed, but nothing really has

(JNS.org) Exactly six years ago, when I was just 18 years old, I wrote as my Facebook status, “Doesn’t want to go home tomorrow :( I live in America but my heart is in Israel.” It was only my second time in Israel and I just knew. I knew that... Full story

 By Eliana Rudee    Opinions    June 10, 2016

The truth about the S-word in Israel

“I’m sure you get this question a lot, but...” It always starts with those words. What follows is the predictable, frequently asked question on the minds of friends, family, and Jewish mothers when I get back to the U.S. “Is it safe?... Full story


Being Jewish and pro-Israel in college: 2010 vs. 2015

This week, I was able to talk to many Jewish students from around the world (including a friend from my alma mater who is visiting Israel) about what it is like to be a Jewish student on their university campuses. I graduated from college just about... Full story


Yitzhak Rabin memorial day: the ultimate proof of Israel's desire for peace

Last week, Israel commemorated the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin, a prime minister of Israel and hero in the eyes of the Israeli people. I was struck by how significant the day is for Israelis and what this means in the context of ongoing conflict... Full story


Muslim call to prayer, or Arab call to violence: a terror timeline

Every day now, I am waking up to news of more murders around Jerusalem. Outside my window, I hear screaming, and as my stomach twists in fright, I have to wonder whether I am hearing yet another Arab attack against Jews in my area. This violence is... Full story


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