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 By Eliana Rudee    News    January 7, 2022

Aliyah surges during pandemic

(JNS) - Valerie Greenfeld, 58, immigrated to Israel just before Passover 2021 from Washington D.C., amid widespread travel restrictions imposed to curb the spread of COVID-19. She began her...

 By Eliana Rudee    News    October 29, 2021

Israel's Galilee, a thriving hub for food tech, culinary innovation

(JNS) - Israel's Upper Galilee region is positioning itself to become a global leader in foodtech. Several food-tech and agritech accelerators and companies have established themselves in Israel's...


Bringing Israeli food and culture into the Jewish New Year

(JNS) - American Jews are often criticized these days for distancing from Israel as a result of political considerations. To counteract that trend, the "Israel trip" has become a central way to...

 By Eliana Rudee    News    February 19, 2021

UAE embraces trade with Israeli-owned businesses in Judea and Samaria

(JNS) - The Psagot Winery sits on the peaks of the Binyamin region mountains in Judea and Samaria, north of Jerusalem and just east of Ramallah. Though Psagot and many Israeli-owned businesses...

 By Eliana Rudee    News    December 25, 2020

International Jewish Media Summit

(JNS) — Media representatives from 30 countries joined online last week to discuss the right of Jews throughout the world to intervene in what’s going on in Israel, as well as Israel’s new diplomatic ties and the influence of social networks on th...

 By Eliana Rudee    News    November 6, 2020

Knesset bill to require consultation with Diaspora on matters regarding world Jewry

(JNS) - Israeli Minister of Diaspora Affairs Omer Yankelevitch announced on Thursday that she is introducing a Knesset bill that would require government ministries to consult with world Jewry on...

 By Eliana Rudee    News    August 28, 2020

Off-campus, but in touch: Students learn tools from CAMERA conference to fight anti-Semitism

(JNS) - Due to global coronavirus pandemic, this year's CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting and Analysis) student conference was held via Zoom, teaching students how to...

 By Eliana Rudee    News    July 31, 2020

'Paradigm has shifted,' as Israel emerges as pillar

(JNS) - In somewhat of a role reversal, Israel has emerged during the global coronavirus crisis as the main supporter of Jewish communities worldwide. In a Wednesday briefing with Jewish Agency for...


Dead Sea returns to forefront of Israel's economy, tourist industry

(JNS)-Israel's Ministry of Tourism and Land Authority recently announced the winners of two tenders for the construction of four new Dead Sea hotels, part of a new complex that will be constructed... Full story

 By Eliana Rudee    News    February 14, 2020

Chabad on Campus emissaries train at Yad Vashem to be Holocaust educators

(JNS)-Some 30 campus Chabad-Lubavitch emissaries concluded an eight-day training program at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, learning cutting-edge, relevant and effective tools that will allow them to teach... Full story

 By Eliana Rudee    News    February 7, 2020

Israelis and Palestinians consider how annexation of Jordan Valley could affect them

(JNS)-With campaigns under way before the third round of Israeli elections within a year on March 2, Likud officials, and the Blue and White Party, have repeatedly made statements over the past few... Full story

 By Eliana Rudee    News    January 31, 2020

Christian students celebrate a life-changing journey in Israel

(JNS)-As many as 500 Christian students gathered in Jerusalem recently for a mega-event marking the Passages organization's fifth anniversary. With 8,000 students who have arrived in Israel so far,... Full story

 By Eliana Rudee    News    October 25, 2019

5,000 Christians show their support for Israel at Jerusalem's 64th Sukkot march

(JNS)-This year, more than 5,000 Christians from all parts of the world gathered on Thursday for the city's annual Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) festive march around Israel's capital, which saw 10,000... Full story

 By Eliana Rudee    News    August 16, 2019

French family: 'In Israel, we'll worry less about the security of our children'

(JNS)—Among news consumers, the first association one has with the State of Israel is often war and religious violence. However, for many Jews who choose to immigrate to Israel—or “make aliyah”—the Jewish state is considered to be the safest pl... Full story

 By Eliana Rudee    News    August 9, 2019

'Slaughter the Jews' spray-painted in Arabic on part of the Western Wall

(JNS)-A young Arab girl and her older teenage sister spray-painted the words "slaughter the Jews" in Arabic on Friday on the Kotel HaKatan ("little wall" in Hebrew), a portion of the Western Wall on... Full story

 By Eliana Rudee    News    August 9, 2019

Polish organization aims to restore country's Jewish heritage, building both bridges and awareness

(JNS)-Michał Laszczkowski, CEO of Poland's Cultural Heritage Foundation, spends a great deal of time discussing Jewish law with rabbis at various Jewish cemeteries across Poland; in fact, it's safe... Full story

 By Eliana Rudee    News    July 12, 2019

Palestinian businessmen deem Bahrain conference a success, despite tussle with PA

(JNS)—Despite multiple raids and a detainment made by the Palestinian Authority against participants of the “Peace to Prosperity” economic workshop in Manama, Bahrain, Ashraf Al-Ghanem says that he will remain strong and courageous. Al-Ghanem is th... Full story

 By Eliana Rudee    News    July 5, 2019

Building projects at entrance to Jerusalem means real growth (and some growing pains)

(JNS)-Just like "Rome wasn't built in a day," neither was Jerusalem, says Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem Fleur Hassan-Nahoum. As a part of the city's development endeavors, Jerusalem's main entrance will... Full story

 By Eliana Rudee    News    June 7, 2019

American and Israeli college presidents unite to oppose academic boycotts

(JNS)-Professor Melvin L. Oliver, president of Pitzer College in Claremont, Calif., who defied pressure to boycott Israeli academia by vetoing the vote by a Pitzer governance body to suspend the... Full story

 By Eliana Rudee    News    May 3, 2019

Sixth BDS national conference sheds light on movement's intentions

(JNS)-At the sixth BDS National Conference on March 16 in Ramallah, the BDS National Committee presented a comprehensive 2019-2020 strategic plan for the movement, focusing on expanding boycott... Full story

 By Eliana Rudee    Features    July 6, 2018

In Jerusalem, happy 'horde' indulges in 'meta-reflection' of reality

(JNS)-As part of the annual Israel Festival in Jerusalem, I boarded the light rail with my fellow performers, each donning a white headset. Our choreographer was a pre-programmed Siri-like female... Full story

 By Eliana Rudee    News    June 29, 2018

IfNotNow accosts Taglit Birthright groups at New York airport

(JNS)-At New York's John F. Kennedy Airport on Monday night, Birthright Fellow and student leader Ariel Tidhar reported that the American Jewish activist group IfNotNow waylaid their group, as well as... Full story

 By Eliana Rudee    News    June 15, 2018

The Chabon speech

(JNS)-Author Michael Chabon ignited controversy in the Jewish world following his May 14 commencement speech at the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in Los Angeles with students and... Full story


Birthright from the 'sabra' side: The Israeli perspective

(JNS)-While it is well known that Birthright trips provide American participants with a transformative, often life-changing experience, it is perhaps less known that the young Israelis who accompany t... Full story

 By Eliana Rudee    News    April 6, 2018

Alan Dershowitz on Israel at 70: 'A Light Unto the World'

(JNS)-Ahead of Israel's 70th birthday in May, longtime Harvard University law professor, attorney and author Alan Dershowitz announced that he is donating an ambucycle to Israel's volunteer medic... Full story


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