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  • Jordanian vote shows why defensible borders still matter

    Evelyn Gordon|Jan 31, 2020

    (JNS)—If you want to understand the true obstacle to Mideast peace, look no further than the Jordanian parliament’s unanimous approval last week of a bill to ban natural-gas imports from Israel, just days after the gas began arriving. Energy-poor Jordan needs a stable, affordable fuel supply, which the Israeli deal provides. When it was signed in 2016, the Jordanian government said it could save the country $500 million a year—almost 4 percent of Jordan’s 2019 budget and more than half its projected deficit for that year (the actual deficit... Full story

  • When human rights become acceptable collateral damage

    Evelyn Gordon|Jul 12, 2019

    (JNS)—Three seemingly unrelated incidents occurred last week, yet all share a common denominator: They exemplify the way anti-Israel politics has corrupted the concept of human rights. Let’s start with best-selling British novelist Richard Zimler’s report that two British cultural organizations recently refused to host him for lectures about his new book, though he has lectured many times on previous books. “They asked me if you were Jewish, and the moment I said you were, they lost all interest,” he quoted his publicist as saying. It’s not tha... Full story

  • One year later, the US embassy move has produced lasting gains

    Evelyn Gordon|May 31, 2019

    (JNS)—The first anniversary of the U.S. embassy’s move to Jerusalem sparked multiple articles in the Israeli press declaring it a failure for both U.S. President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. From the left-wing Haaretz to the centrist Times of Israel, headlines trumpeted the fact that only one minor country, Guatemala, has followed America’s lead. And even that might prove fleeting, as several candidates in next month’s Guatemalan election have pledged to return the embassy to Tel Aviv. All this is true, but it... Full story

  • Sacrificing Israel's long-term interests for short-term gains

    Evelyn Gordon|Sep 14, 2018

    (JNS)—With the Trump Administration reportedly planning various steps against UNRWA—the U.N. aid agency devoted solely to Palestinian refugees—Israeli defense officials have leaped to UNRWA’s defense. A rapid cutback of U.S. funding would create a vacuum in basic services, especially in Gaza, that Hamas might fill, and could even spark violence, they warned. But their argument is wrong on at least three counts. First, U.S. cutbacks won’t actually cause a financial crisis. Second, forcing Hamas to provide basic services in UNRWA’s stead would... Full story

  • The missing Israeli flags

    Evelyn Gordon and|Aug 24, 2018

    JNS.org Aish Hatorah Resources Arabs came to the protest in Tel Aviv because they oppose the very existence of a Jewish state, including its most innocuous symbol. Ever since Saturday night’s demonstration against the nation-state law in Tel Aviv, which was organized by Israel’s Arab community, people have been talking about the presence of Palestinian flags. But too little attention has been paid to something even more disturbing—the enforced absence of Israeli ones. Certainly, demonstrators who wave Palestinian flags while chanting sloga... Full story

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