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Counterpoint: Banning critical race theory will gut teaching of Jewish history

(JTA) — Anyone teaching the past by skipping over the unpleasant parts isn’t teaching history. They are engaged in propaganda. Jewish tradition understands this: Refusing to sugarcoat their own people’s culpability, the Sages themselves teach that th...


Jewish history shows the consequences of tolerating police brutality

NEW YORK (JTA) - "Pray for the welfare of the state," Rabbi Hanina writes, "for if it were not for the fear thereof, people would swallow each other alive." As cities around the nation burn with...


History shows that epidemics can carry dangerous side effects for Jews: deadly anti-Semitism

NEW YORK (JTA)—Over the course of our millennial history, Jews have had many encounters with contagious diseases. Often we’re blamed for them. Maybe I’m paranoid, but I can’t help feel uneasy with the amount of attention the New York Jewish communi... Full story


Nissim Black's 'Mothaland Bounce' is the most authentically Jewish song you'll hear this year

NEW YORK (JTA)-Fans of mainstream Jewish music may find Nissim Black's latest single "Mothaland Bounce" jarring and alien, but they're just not listening with an ear to the rhythm of Jewish history. S... Full story


Did this ancient Jewish scholar introduce the world to pizza?

(JTA)-In 1983, the Italian-Israeli professor Sandra Debenedetti Stow stunned the scholarly world with an explosive article that proposed that Jews introduced pizza to the European diet. She cited... Full story


The Romans tried to ban wild Purim parties in 408 CE

(JTA)—Every year before Purim, my inbox and social media fill up with dire exhortations from rabbis and yeshivas warning against the dangers of celebratory excess—as if drunkenness on the holiday were something new. In reality, the after-Purim reg... Full story


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