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  • The five-stone strategy of defeating the Islamic regime in Iran

    Marziyeh Amirizadeh|Apr 26, 2024

    Visiting Israel for the first time a year ago was not only a spiritual pilgrimage and fulfillment of a dream, but an experience that allowed me to look at my own experiences as a persecuted Christian in Iran — arrested, and sentenced to death because of my faith, through a different prism. I went to Israel to impart a message to the Israeli and Jewish people that Iran is not your enemy, that Iranians support Israel and the Jewish people, and that the Iranian and Israeli (and Jewish) people have a common enemy in the terrorist Islamic regime. On...

  • Resisting Iran, not enabling the regime

    Marziyeh Amirizadeh, First person|Oct 13, 2023

    I have been sick for days. The criminal Islamist Iranian regime continues to threaten the world and brutalize its own people. It must be stopped. Sadly, too many Americans don't know, don't care, or are suffering delusions that the regime can be negotiated with. It cannot. America needs leaders who will not appease and enable the Iranian regime, but who will confront it, and bring it to its long overdue end. I have been sick since watching the recent Republican presidential debate. It pains me...

  • No turning the other cheek on the #IranRansomDeal

    Marziyeh Amirizadeh|Aug 25, 2023

    My heart sunk when I read of an impending deal to pay the evil Islamist Iranian regime several billion dollars (or more) in ransom to free Americans held hostage in Iran. Taking American and other hostages is not new for the Islamist regime. They keep doing it because it works. It’s profitable. And the West caves into their demands. This has to stop. As an Iranian-born American citizen, I can raise my voice without consequence. I especially admire the brave Iranians who are raising their voices publicly against this deal which millions of Irani...

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