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A look back in time

On Jan. 29, 1972, I left Viet Nam — my tour was cut from one year to 6 months due to the Nixon ordered troop reduction. I traveled by transport cargo plane (bench seats) to Tokyo. Left Tokyo Jan. 31, arrived in San Francisco Feb. 1, and t...


The Orlando Jewish community lost one of its most influential matriarchs

With the passing of Sunny Mandell z’l the Orlando Jewish community has lost one of its most significant matriarchs. I would guess that the vast majority of Jews living in Orlando today did not know Sunny. For sure, most never met her. I wish that t...

 By Paul Jeser    Opinions    May 1, 2020

A personal reaction to 'One World: Together at Home'

At first I was not going to watch this presentation because 1) I did not know most of the participants, and 2) the fact that it was in support of the WHO was a ‘turn off.’ However, the fact that it dealt with the Coronavirus and that it was sim... Full story

 By Paul Jeser    Features    October 5, 2018

Remembering Byron Selber z'l on his 35th Yahrzet

One of the most loved and respected members of Orlando's Jewish community, Byron Selber z'l, passed away at the age of 46 on Oct. 6, 1983. His 35th Yahrzeit will be 29 Tishrei which falls on Oct. 8,... Full story

 By Paul Jeser    Opinions    March 27, 2015

The letter President Obama should send to Prime Minister Netanyahu

Dear Bibi, I apologize for not calling you immediately after the election returns showed that you and the Likkud Party came in first place. Israel is, as I’ve often said, an important and long-time alley and the only true Democracy in the M... Full story


Today is my 69th birthday, so why am I so sad and so mad?

Today (Nov. 18, 2014) is my 69th birthday so why am I so sad and so mad? I’m sad for the three obvious reasons: The death of five Israelis at the hands of terrorists; the ongoing world-wide attacks against Jews; and the belief that things will probab... Full story

 By Paul Jeser    Opinions    May 16, 2014

My personal response to Israel's 66th birthday

I am not normally for new Jewish/Israeli based organizations—we seem to have more than our share. Yet, the time has come for a new effort that will restore the greatness and vitality of the Zionist movement. Israel and the Jewish People are under a... Full story


It seems that the AJC doesn't think the killing of Israelis by the PLO is an important issue

I was shocked when I heard AJC’s David Harris radio piece painting Mandela as a saint. I responded by writing: I don’t understand. How can David Harris fawn over Mandela—painting him as a saint—when the AJC canceled an event honoring him in 2000 afte... Full story


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