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It's time to throw our support behind Iran's brave protesters

(JNS) — On Sept. 13, a beautiful 22-year-old Kurdish woman, Mahsa Amini, was arrested in Tehran and brutally beaten by “morality police” for wearing her hijab “too loosely,” perhaps allowing a few strands of hair to show through. She was...


The coming earthquake

(JNS) — Giant fissures are emerging from just beneath the earth’s surface throughout the Middle East and Israel is bracing for the inevitable eruption. The United States had better wake up, too, because the aftershocks will be felt here, and...


Giving the Palestinians a dose of 'reality therapy'

By Sarah N. Stern (JNS)—Sitting in the East Room of the White House last week, I experienced an emotion as close to euphoria as I have ever experienced perhaps in my lifetime. I was finally beginning to witness that moment in history when some... Full story


For the sake of Ari Fuld, Malki Roth and countless others

(JNS)—Yet another woman was made a widow on Sept. 16, and another four children were made orphans by the egregious act of a Palestinian terrorist, Khalil Jabarin. The victim, Ari Fuld, had simply been running an errand for his wife in a local... Full story


Reducing the malevolent impact of UNRWA

(JNS)—U.S. President Donald Trump gave the Jewish people a gift of historic proportions by taking the issue of Jerusalem off the table back in December. On Aug. 25, President Trump gave a gift that is arguably of equal or greater value to the... Full story

 By Sarah N. Stern    News    July 6, 2018

Voices from the border with Gaza

By Sarah N. Stern (JNS) It seems as though Hamas is itching for another war. No less than 45 rockets were fired in recent days from the Gaza Strip into Israel, two of which landed near a community center and one just outside a kindergarten—the... Full story


The end of the era of Palestinian deception

(JNS)—For a quarter of a century, the Palestinian Authority has cynically wrapped itself inside a fig leaf dubbed as the “Peace Process.” The naked truth, however, is that it has been using every means available to incite for, incentivize and... Full story


You cannot whitewash away Polish anti-Semitism

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki was forced last week to deny being a Holocaust revisionist, after suggesting that Jews were complicit in their own genocide. Referring to a new Polish law making it illegal to say the country has... Full story


The reasons why America needs to stop supporting UNRWA

(JNS)—U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley made headlines on Jan. 2 by saying that President Donald Trump has decided to stop funding UNRWA, the United Nations Relief and Work Agency, until the Palestinians agree to come to the... Full story


Trump delivers a sorely needed dose of reality therapy

Dec. 6, 2017, will be forever remembered as a day when a historic wrong had been righted. His long-awaited speech drew praise from both sides of the aisle from our Florida Congressional representatives Congressman Brian Mast (R-Fla.) called it a... Full story


What made David Friedman's confirmation so contentious?

David Friedman was confirmed March 23 by the U.S. Senate as America’s ambassador to Israel. But that was only after a highly contentious debate, and unfortunately, only because there is a Republican majority in the Senate. The same was true of... Full story


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