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Movie Review: 'Oppenheimer' and the lesson of brainy Jews

(JNS) - Finally, a movie about two Jews facing off in a war of ambitions, petty rivalries and contrasting moral absolutes-with actual wars in the background! ("Schindler's List," after all, is a...


That lonely Jewish seat on the Supreme Court

(JNS) - Here's a joke: "A Jew, a Black and a Hispanic walk into a bar... association.... " It's not really a joke, but rather a colorful way of describing the composition of liberal Justices on the...


Of documents, balloons and laptops

(JNS) — Come on. Be honest. Surely someone reading this is hoarding a keepsake from the Eisenhower administration, stashed away in the attic. Better check, because you might be in violation of the Espionage Act. It seems that anyone who’s...


The real woke Jews

(Jewish Journal via JNS) — As members of the progressive Jewish left continue to raise their fists while marching on behalf of movements that largely hate Jews and despise Israel, a beachhead of cultural pride and resuscitation was erected in...


Will impeachment ramifications point fingers at American Jews?

Regardless of how Jewish Americans feel about U.S. President Donald Trump—whether they view him as a menace to democracy (I do), or whether they feel deep gratitude to him as a defender of the Jewish state (I do)—one thing is certain: Tiny... Full story


Enter Michael Bloomberg... and his draw for Jewish votes

(JNS)—With Michael Bloomberg’s announcement that he will be running for president as a Democrat, the former New York mayor may have given American Jews a reason not to decamp for the GOP en masse. Yes, I realize that the Democratic Party has... Full story


Amos Oz's fiction is forever, while reality left his politics behind

By Thane Rosenbaum (JTA)—The young nation of Israel has witnessed in recent years a dwindling of its founding generation—from the passing of statesmen like Shimon Peres to the death last week of novelist and political activist Amos Oz. Oz was... Full story


Remembering Aharon Appelfeld, from charnel house to whorehouse to a home in Israel

NEW YORK (JTA)—Arguably the world’s greatest writer of fiction about the world’s foremost nonfiction atrocity, the Holocaust, died Thursday in Israel. Aharon Appelfeld, a Holocaust survivor himself and one of the icons of Israel’s first... Full story


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