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The terrorizing of the Jews

(JNS) — It is time that the Jewish establishment infrastructure worldwide—and Israel’s government, in particular—recognizes that at this time, the “pro-Palestine resistance” campaign we now witness seeks to terrorize Jews. It is not the “normal” ty...


Beinart has reached his Yavne

(JNS) — Peter Beinart has laid out his political vision once again. Once again, too, he trots out his ignorance, his serpentine reasoning and his shocking immorality. It’s always crisis time for him. However, this time, it’s not a solution of two s...


A fading friendship?

(JNS)—Dear (Former?) Friends, To: The ADL, Ameinu, ARZA, Central Conference of American Rabbis, Israel Policy Forum, MERCAZ USA, National Council of Jewish Women, Rabbinical Assembly, Union for Reform Judaism and United Synagogue of Conservative J... Full story


AIPAC's gift from Hamas

(JNS)—This year, AIPAC awarded an official on-stage presence to a recognized representative of the almost half a million Jews currently residing in the areas of the heartland of the Jewish national homeland, Judea and Samaria. Not that in previous y... Full story


Forget Ilhan Omar; pay attention to her Jewish support system

(JNS)—Freshman Congresswoman Ilhan Omar from Minnesota is only part of the story of the colonialist settling of anti-Semitism in the highest echelons of the American democratic power system. Her financial support from CAIR, an unindicted c... Full story

 By Yisrael Medad    News    February 8, 2019

San Francisco files lawsuit against Airbnb

By Yisrael Medad (JNS)—A new lawsuit has been filed against Airbnb, this time in San Francisco. It alleges that the company, in its decision to delist accommodations owned by Jews in the geographical area of Judea and Samaria, is engaging in an “anti... Full story


It's all about eliminationism

(JNS)—There is two-stage subversion project at work against Israel and its Zionist-base ideology. The first stage seeks to cozy up, in a sense, and to equalize, falsely, two movements: Zionism and Palestinianism. If we are “equal,” then we are the ... Full story


Jews in self-destruct mode

(JNS)—Increasingly, I perceive Diaspora Jewish communities inexorably moving into a self-destruct mode on several fronts. David Rothkopf, a senior fellow at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, has published ... Full story


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