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The lessons of Zionism in 'BETRAYAL, The Failure of American Jewish Leadership'

Please note: The referenced book, compiled by Charles Jacobs and Avi Goldwasser just came to print in June. It is a compilation of Jewish thinkers and academics whose credibility warrants thoughtful consideration. It is my hope that the result will...


Discussion of Israel's "end of democracy" debate

On June 1, 1982, Israel undertook Operation Peace for Galilee, the second of its Lebanon invasions. Its goal was the elimination of Yasser Arafat and the PLO. Ultimately, public pressure and the Reagan administration’s US Special Envoy Philip H...


Viewpoint: Diaspora Jews right to influence Israel's political decisions

By Howard Lefkowitz Last weekend, I had a heated discussion with my son-in-law, a political science professor at Virginia Tech, as to America’s right to demand change in Israel’s internal and external political directions. He asserted that Isr... Full story


Viewpoint: Political biases overshadowed true Jewish passion for aggrieved

erally pulled my car to the curb, listening to determine the city in which it occurred, and sat until I could gain my composure. A lone gunman attack on a synagogue at 10 a.m. on a Saturday morning. A baby naming in progress? Children in school?... Full story


Ira's 'la la land' opinion

Dear Ira, You’re right: “I’m sure to hear from Americans who don’t like what I write about the US. They can insist that they are not living in a bubble, but admit that there is no reason to go to places that are unattractive, i.e., outside their b... Full story


Travels to Cuba in 2006-Part II

In January 2006, Pearl Lefkowitz organized a "mission" trip to Cuba. The following is her husband, Howard's, journal of this trip. He sent Heritage these impressions in light of the recent renewal of... Full story


Should Congress enact further sanctions on Iran?

Providing a proper response is like being caught in the horns of a dilemma. The real issue is a combination of first, how to avoid war; second, how to inhibit Iran from nuclearizing weaponry; and, third, how to impact Iran to become less of a... Full story


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