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 By Marcy Oster    News    April 24, 2020

Netanyahu/Gantz ink a deal

ERUSALEM (JTA)—Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Blue and White chairman Benny Gantz signed a deal Monday to form a “national emergency government” that keeps Netanyahu as the prime minister for now. Israel has spent more than a year under a car... Full story

 By Marcy Oster    News    April 24, 2020

Founder of 'Birthright for Moms' will represent Diaspora

JERUSALEM (JTA)-Israel will hold its annual Independence Day torch-lighting on Mount Herzl, but only with a television and digital audience because of coronavirus regulations. Among the torch-lighters... Full story

 By Marcy Oster    News    April 17, 2020

Adam Sandler pays tribute to doctors and nurses

(JTA)—Forget about “The Chanukah Song.” Actor Adam Sandler’s latest earworm is a tribute to doctors and nurses and an exhortation for people to stay home to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Sandler debuted “Quarantine Song” from his home during a... Full story

 By Marcy Oster    News    March 20, 2020

Gantz tasked to form government

JERUSALEM (JTA)-Israeli President Reuven Rivlin will give Benny Gantz the task of forming a new government, his office said Sunday. Rivlin met Sunday with the heads of all the parties that won seats... Full story

 By Marcy Oster    News    March 13, 2020

All the drama that has happened in Israeli politics since this week's election

JERUSALEM (JTA)-Israel held its unprecedented third election in less than a year on Monday and, yet again, the results raised more questions than answers. At first it seemed as if Prime Minister Benja... Full story

 By Marcy Oster    News    March 6, 2020

Nearly 200 Israeli middle school students quarantined after contact with coronavirus

JERUSALEM (JTA)—Over 200 Israelis, most of them middle school students, have been ordered into quarantine after coming into contact with a group of South Korean tourists, some of whom were infected with the coronavirus. Students and teachers from t... Full story


More than 50 JCCs nationwide receive emailed bomb threats

This is a developing story. NEW YORK (JTA)—More than 50 Jewish community centers in 23 states have received emailed bomb threats since Saturday. None of the threats have been found to be credible, though local law enforcement agencies have been notif... Full story

 By Marcy Oster    News    February 21, 2020

Jewish Harvard students form anti-Zionist organization

(JTA)-A group of undergraduate students at Harvard University has formed what they call an "anti-Zionist Jewish organization" that supports the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against... Full story

 By Marcy Oster    News    February 21, 2020

'Christian Birthright' brings thousands of college students to Israel

JERUSALEM (JTA)-As evening descended on Jerusalem one Friday last month, 1,000 students gathered at the Western Wall for the traditional prayers to welcome the Jewish Sabbath. They joined the throngs... Full story

 By Marcy Oster    News    February 7, 2020

Palestinians warn of violence tied to Trump peace plan

JERUSALEM (JTA)—The Trump administration’s peace plan is an attempt to destroy the Palestinian cause and could lead to violence on the part of the Palestinian public, Palestinian Authority officials warned. In addition, a senior aide to Pal... Full story

 By Marcy Oster    News    January 24, 2020

South Dakota governor signs executive order prohibiting Israel boycotts

(JTA)—South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem signed an executive order on Tuesday prohibiting state offices from doing business with companies that boycott Israel. South Dakota is the 28th state to have enacted an anti-Israel boycott executive order or l... Full story

 By Marcy Oster    News    January 17, 2020

Bret Stephens under fire for NY Times column on Jewish intelligence

(JTA)—New York Times columnist Bret Stephens came under fire on social media for an op-ed in which he wrote that Ashkenazi Jews are more intelligent than other people and cited a paper by a researcher who promoted eugenics. The reference to the p... Full story

 By Marcy Oster    News    January 17, 2020

Iran announces it will not honor any part of the nuclear deal

(JTA)—Iran will no longer honor the nuclear deal it signed with world powers. The announcement came Sunday following a meeting of the Islamic Republic’s National Security Council to discuss the country’s nuclear policy following the assas... Full story

 By Marcy Oster    News    January 10, 2020

Schumer calls to quadruple funding for security grants

(JTA)—Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer pledged to fight for a quadrupling of funding for federal security grants for nonprofit organizations. It would raise the amount provided by the Nonprofit Security Grant Program to $360 million annually f... Full story


Holocaust survivor dies from injuries in transit to White House Chanukah party

(JTA)—Rosalee Glass, a Holocaust survivor recognized by President Donald Trump during the White House Chanukah party, has died following injuries sustained during travel to Washington, D.C. Glass died... Full story

 By Marcy Oster    News    January 3, 2020

Columbia University accused of anti-Semitic discrimination

(JTA)—A federal complaint has been filed against Columbia University accusing the school of anti-Semitic discrimination. It is the first case filed since President Donald Trump’s executive order on combating anti-Semitism, which grants Jewish stu... Full story

 By Marcy Oster    News    December 27, 2019

Haredi Orthodox mother of 5 may have to give up Olympic dream over Shabbat

JERUSALEM (JTA)—A haredi Orthodox mother of five may have to give up her dream of running in the marathon at the 2020 Olympics after the race was scheduled for a Saturday. “I felt like I was punched in the stomach this morning,” Beatie Deuts... Full story

 By Marcy Oster    News    December 20, 2019

Will third time be the charm?

JERUSALEM (JTA)—Israel will hold an unprecedented third election in less than a year after lawmakers failed to form a government coalition by Wednesday night. The date of the next election is set for March 2. Elections are usually set for 90 days a... Full story

 By Marcy Oster    News    December 20, 2019

Jersey City mayor says gunmen targeted kosher supermarket in shootout that left 6 dead

(JTA)-The gunmen who entered a Jersey City kosher supermarket and engaged in a deadly shootout with police deliberately chose the store, the city's mayor said. "Based on our initial investigation... Full story

 By Marcy Oster    News    December 20, 2019

Lauder is funding a $25 million campaign against anti-Semitism

(JTA)—Billionaire philanthropist Ronald Lauder is funding a $25 million campaign against political candidates in the United States who support or normalize anti-Semitism. Lauder, the president of the World Jewish Congress, announced the new c... Full story

 By Marcy Oster    News    December 13, 2019

13 countries vote against a UN resolution against Israel

(JTA)—The United Nations General Assembly passed five resolutions against Israel, but for the first time, 13 countries switched their positions and voted against a pro-Palestine measure. The five resolutions passed Tuesday are among 20 against Israel... Full story

 By Marcy Oster    News    December 13, 2019

Arizona State student government passes resolution to support Jewish students

(JTA)—The undergraduate student government of Arizona State University passed a resolution in support of the Tempe school’s Jewish students. The resolution, which passed Tuesday by acclimation, comes amid public discussion among campus student org... Full story

 By Marcy Oster    News    November 29, 2019

Netanyahu indicted for corruption

JERUSALEM (JTA)-Benjamin Netanyahu has been charged in three corruption cases, marking the first time a sitting Israeli prime minister has been indicted. The charges, announced on Nov. 21 by the... Full story

 By Marcy Oster    News    November 22, 2019

Trump will appear at Israeli-American Council

(JTA)—President Donald Trump will be the keynote speaker at the annual conference of the Israeli-American Council. Billionaire Sheldon Adelson, a Trump supporter and mega donor to Republican candidates, is one of the council’s major supporters. The... Full story

 By Marcy Oster    News    November 22, 2019

Gaza rocket strikes assisted-living facility in southern Israel

JERUSALEM (JTA)—A rocket fired by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza struck an assisted-living facility in the southern Israel city of Ashkelon on Wednesday afternoon, injuring a woman in her 70s. The resident was injured in the face and arms by f... Full story


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