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 By Alex Traiman    Opinions    May 28, 2021

'AP,' 'Al Jazeera' and the mainstream media are tools in Hamas's war against Israel

(JNS) - Journalists are expressing their outrage that the 12-story Al-Jalaa building housing the Gaza headquarters of Associated Press and Al Jazeera was targeted during retaliatory Israeli...


Trump's lasting legacy will be the Abraham Accords

(JNS) — Mainstream media and pundits from across the political spectrum have been quick to assert that the violent riot on the U.S. Capitol building on Jan. 6 has permanently tarnished the Trump presidency. It remains to be seen what Trump’s...

 By Alex Traiman    News    November 6, 2020

With bilateral agreements, Trump administration reverses Carter, Obama settlement policies

(JNS) -President Donald Trump completed its reversal of a legacy U.S. policy prejudiced against Israeli settlements. The United States and Israel signed new bilateral agreements on Oct. 28 that furthe...


What will normalization with the Arab world mean for Israel?

(JNS) — Israel is set to sign a historic agreement with the United Arab Emirates that would see the two Middle Eastern nations officially strike diplomatic relations and exchange embassies. The move represents a major validation of the Netanyahu...

 By Alex Traiman    Features    July 3, 2020

The great myth of Israeli 'annexation'

(JNS) - For the last several weeks, habitual critics of Israeli policies, dubious self-described Israel supporters and even some longtime friends have come out against Israeli plans to "annex" parts...

 By Alex Traiman    News    June 5, 2020

Netanyahu presumed innocent in Israel's court of public opinion

(JNS) — Israeli media and their left-wing anti-Netanyahu allies have been anticipating for years the moment Benjamin Netanyahu would be dragged into a courtroom. Unable to beat Israel’s...


'Peace to Prosperity' plan shatters failed Oslo paradigm

(JNS)—With the presentation of its peace plan, titled, “Peace to Prosperity: A vision to improve the lives of the Palestinian and Israeli people,” the United States has essentially shattered the once-holy Oslo paradigm, having learned from the... Full story

 By Alex Traiman    News    August 23, 2019

72 representatives don't #skipthetrip, join largest-ever delegation to Israel

(JNS)-A total of 41 Democrats and 31 Republicans are in Israel on overlapping party tours to get a firsthand view of the complex security challenges Israel faces and to express their unconditional,... Full story

 By Alex Traiman    News    August 16, 2019

58 Jewish groups gather in New York to mobilize against anti-Semitism

(JNS)-Fifty-eight Jewish organizations gathered in New York City on Wednesday for a "National Consultation on Responses to Antisemitism" to address ever increasing anti-Semitic incidents in the... Full story

 By Alex Traiman    News    May 31, 2019

Friedman fires back at New York Times

(JNS)-U.S. Ambassador to Israel David M. Friedman fired back at The New York Times on Wednesday over an article castigating him for claiming that Israel was "on the side of God" while speaking about... Full story

 By Alex Traiman    Opinions    May 10, 2019

March of the Living transcends distinctions to provide a deeply meaningful Jewish experience

(JNS)—There are no words for the experience of commemorating the horrific death, together with Holocaust survivors, on the sacred grounds of the Birkenau extermination camp, where more than 1 million Jews were sent to the gas chambers and... Full story

 By Alex Traiman    Features    April 5, 2019

Hundreds of conference participants show support for Judea/Samaria

(JNS)-While the AIPAC policy conferences features panels and breakout sessions on almost every issue central to the geostrategic challenges facing the State of Israel, one key issue is repeatedly left... Full story


Getting 'fed up' with critical tone of Federation leadership

(JNS)—For the second time in two months, the leadership of the Jewish Federation of North America has made it clear that it is fed up with the policies of Israel’s government. According to multiple news reports, JFNA leaders told Israel’s... Full story


Students support Canary Mission fight against 'institutionalized, tolerated anti-Semitism'

(JNS)-The controversial Canary Mission-an anonymous campus watchdog group that exposes organizations, academics and activists that demonize Israel on college campuses-recently came under fire when... Full story

 By Alex Traiman    News    July 13, 2018

The 'forces' behind US and Israeli bills to withhold 'pay to slay' terror financing

(JNS)-The passage of an Israeli law to withhold funds that the Palestinian Authority uses to pay murderers for killing Jews is the correction of an unconscionable injustice. That a democratic country... Full story

 By Alex Traiman    Opinions    June 22, 2018

Jewish home demolitions won't bring peace

(JNS)—Amid all the challenges Israel is facing—the Iran nuclear threat; the presence of Iranian-backed forces and Hezbollah troops along Israel’s northern border; rioters and arsonists along the Gaza border; and Palestinians in the West Bank... Full story


Bill Clinton admits quiet campaign against Netanyahu during the 1996 election

(JNS)-In an interview, former U.S. President Bill Clinton admitted that he tried to help former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres defeat Benjamin Netanyahu during Israel's elections in 1996, just a... Full story

 By Alex Traiman    News    March 16, 2018

On AIPAC sidelines, Israeli ministers express support for settlements

(JNS)-On the margins of the AIPAC policy conference in Washington, D.C., more than 300 conference attendees gathered at the prestigious Sixth & I Historic Synagogue on Monday to express support... Full story

 By Alex Traiman    News    November 10, 2017

Israeli government cultivates natural allies at its first-ever Christian media summit

Recognizing it is easier to influence those who are more prone to be natural supporters of the Jewish state than it is to sway journalists who cover the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with a perceived anti-Israel bias, the Israeli government this week... Full story

 By Alex Traiman    News    July 28, 2017

Temple Mount security to prevent 'apocalypse between Islam and Judaism'

The Israeli government reopened the Temple Mount complex to Muslims and members of other faiths Sunday with strict new security measures, in the wake of last Friday's attack near the flashpoint holy... Full story

 By Alex Traiman    News    July 14, 2017

UNESCO's Cave of the Patriarchs measure is latest 'narrative warfare' against Israel

An upcoming vote by the United Nations cultural body UNESCO on whether to declare Hebron's Cave of the Patriarchs as an endangered Palestinian heritage site is the latest example of "narrative... Full story

 By Alex Traiman    News    January 13, 2017

Jerusalem attack draws comparisons

A Palestinian driver rammed a truck into a crowd of Israeli soldiers Sunday at the scenic Haas Promenade overlooking Jerusalem's Old City, killing four and injuring 16 others in a terror attack that... Full story

 By Alex Traiman    News    October 21, 2016

Building 98 new homes near Shiloh renews US-Israel settlements debate

JERUSALEM—A newly approved plan to build 98 homes in the Shiloh Valley in northern Samaria has renewed longstanding tensions between President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the issue of “West Bank” settlement... Full story

 By Alex Traiman    News    June 6, 2014

Making sense of Pope Francis's whirlwind Mideast trip

After two intense days of religious ceremonies in Bethlehem and Jerusalem, meetings with Israeli and Palestinian officials, unscheduled photo opportunities, and debilitating traffic arrangements, Israelis and interfaith relations experts are trying... Full story

 By Alex Traiman    News    March 14, 2014

Haredim protest against IDF

Close to half a million members of Israel's haredi public rallied in Jerusalem on Sunday, shutting down roads in and around the city, to protest a proposed bill that would mandate them to participate... Full story


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