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 By Gil Shefler    News    June 21, 2013

Nearly 70 years after liberation, Holocaust memorials continue to proliferate

NEW YORK (JTA)—No earth was moved last month at the groundbreaking of one of the nation’s newest Holocaust memorials. Instead, the gatherers stood silently, symbolic shovels in hand, on the imm... Full story

 By Gil Shefler    Features    May 17, 2013

Breaking with all black, some Chabad men pushing fashion boundaries

NEW YORK (JTA)—Yosel Tiefenbrun looked in the mirror and he liked what he saw. The 23-year-old Chabad rabbi and apprentice at Maurice Sedwell, a bespoke tailor’s shop on London’s Savile Row, was weari... Full story

 By Gil Shefler    News    May 17, 2013

Jewish Scouting leaders vocal on gay inclusion

NEW YORK (JTA)—Jewish Scouting leaders are taking a vocal role in efforts to pass a historic resolution that would partially lift a ban on gays in the Boy Scouts of America. In a meeting of the N... Full story

 By Gil Shefler    Features    May 10, 2013

Meet Portland's mother of Mother's

PORTLAND, Ore. (JTA)—It’s brunch time at Mother’s Bistro & Bar and owner-chef Lisa Schroeder has a small crisis on her hands involving the accidental defenestration of a busboy. Moments earli... Full story

 By Gil Shefler    Features    May 10, 2013

Amid Portland's Jewish population surge, community leaders try to lure the young and hip

PORTLAND, Ore. (JTA)—Jessica Bettelheim, a business ethics lecturer at Portland State University and a young Jewish mother, has little time to spare on weekends. Like other professionals her age, s... Full story

 By Gil Shefler    News    April 26, 2013

Fewer high school students travel to Israel

NEW YORK (JTA)—With the summer travel season fast approaching, providers of Israel programs for teenagers are bracing themselves for what several say could be a season of historically low travel in a year unaffected by major security concerns. O... Full story

 By Gil Shefler    Features    April 19, 2013

On Birthright, building Jewish identity and finding love

NEW YORK (JTA)—Meredith Ross will never forget when she first laid eyes on Lior, her partner for the past seven years. Lior, an infantryman in the Israel Defense Forces, was escorting Ross’ Bir... Full story

 By Gil Shefler    News    April 12, 2013

Kosher scandals like Doheny are rare, but not unheard of

NEW YORK (JTA)—Less than a day before the start of Passover, the phone rang at the Brooklyn home of Rabbi Yisroel Belsky. On the line were concerned members of the Rabbinical Council of California, a rabbinical association in Los Angeles that p... Full story

 By Gil Shefler    News    April 12, 2013

In aftermath of Boston Marathon bombings, Israeli Independence Day fetes are toned down

NEW YORK (JTA)—Israeli Independence Day celebrations in Boston were muted and security was increased in the wake of bombings that left three dead and dozens injured at the finish line of the Boston Ma... Full story

 By Gil Shefler    News    March 29, 2013

In Florida, Venezuelan Jewish expats set down new roots

SUNNY ISLES BEACH (JTA)—Sitting outside a Starbucks coffee shop in this small city north of Miami Beach, Paul Hariton recalls the dramatic night in 2002 when he and his wife decided to leave their n... Full story

 By Gil Shefler    News    March 29, 2013

New study offers tips on engaging Jewish teens

NEW YORK (JTA)—Trying to interest teenagers in activities is difficult, parents and teachers know well, especially given what technology has done to the attention spans of young people. So how to g... Full story

 By Gil Shefler    Features    March 22, 2013

Passover without wine? For Jewish addicts, sober seders are a life-saver

NEW YORK (JTA)—It’s rare that an Orthodox rabbi chooses to omit an important Jewish ritual in his holiday celebrations. But in the spring of 2000, Rabbi Yosef Lipsker cleared his living room of fur... Full story

 By Gil Shefler    News    March 15, 2013

Israeli economist peddling new plan to equalize Arab university presence

NEW YORK (JTA)—Unlike most economists, Manuel Trajtenberg does not spend his days cloistered in university classrooms and think tanks far from the public eye. The Tel Aviv University professor g... Full story

 By Gil Shefler    News    March 15, 2013

On Caracas streets, fear and eerie quiet as Venezuela mourns

CARACAS, Venezuela (JTA)—Students at the Ma’or HaTorah yeshiva in Caracas knew something was afoot Tuesday [March 5] afternoon when bodyguards driving bullet-proof vehicles started showing up une... Full story

 By Gil Shefler    News    February 15, 2013

Documents show Venezuela spying on Jewish community

NEW YORK (JTA)—Espacio Anna Frank says its goal is to promote tolerance by teaching the life story of the teenage diarist murdered by the Nazis. But is there something sinister lurking behind the Vene... Full story


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