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 By Yaakov Lappin    News    August 14, 2020

Full scope of Beirut disaster 'still not understood,' states former Israeli military intelligence chief

(JNS) - A day after two blasts - one of them an enormous - ripped through Beirut, causing untold destruction, it's still not possible to grasp the true scope of the calamity, a former Israeli...

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    July 31, 2020

Some Israeli companies view China as major growth market

(JNS) - Despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and increasing tensions between the United States and China, Israeli companies continue to view China as a major market for growth and development....

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    July 24, 2020

New Israeli spy satellite set to provide powerful intelligence

(JNS) — The “Ofek 16” spy satellite launched from central Israel at 4 a.m. on Monday (July 6) morning is due to significantly upgrade Israel’s ability to monitor the dangerous activities of its adversaries throughout the Middle East,...

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    April 17, 2020

Israeli missile-production line starts churning out much-needed ventilators

(JNS)-In ordinary times, Israel Aerospace Industries Systems Missiles Space group churns out advanced missiles, including interceptors used by the Arrow 2 and Arrow 3 defense systems. During these... Full story


Return to normal after Passover?

(JNS)—Israel must take a series of immediate steps that would enable it to end its nationwide closure and enter a new “corona routine” that would revive the economy and that could begin immediately after Passover, Interim Defense Minister... Full story

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    March 6, 2020

Hamas fails to curb Palestinian Islamic Jihad, which has no interest in stabilizing Gaza

(JNS)-For months, the Israeli government has pursued the objective of trying to stabilize the Gaza Strip. It tried to reach new truce understandings with Hamas through indirect negotiations-brokered... Full story


Amid a spate of Palestinian attacks, Israel's security forces seek to prevent an explosion of violence

(JNS)-The quick succession of Palestinian attacks on Israeli security forces in the past 24 hours appears to be a chain reaction of unorganized incidents, each one forming the "inspiration" for the... Full story

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    January 17, 2020

Iran seeks to end direct clash with America and return to an asymmetrical comfort zone

(JNS)-The wave of Iranian ballistic missiles that struck two military bases in Iraq early on Wednesday that house U.S. personnel was a clear Iranian attempt to conclude the current phase of escalation... Full story

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    January 10, 2020

Iran crossed red line with Trump administration; US, Israel, region brace for response

(JNS)—The American airstrike assassination of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Quds Force commander, Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, in Baghdad early on Friday follows a major miscalculation on the part of Tehran in the decision to up the... Full story


Israel waits to see if Gaza Strip stabilizes

(JNS)-A ceasefire that appeared fragile, and which was punctured twice by rocket fire from Gaza, went into effect on Thursday, Nov. 14, after 50 hours of combat between the Iranian-backed Palestinian... Full story


In Gaza Strip, Palestinian Islamic Jihad agitates for violence

(JNS)-Palestinian Islamic Jihad-the second-largest armed terror faction in Gaza after Hamas-is agitating for violence, and is in fact the organization that conducted Friday-night's rocket barrage on... Full story

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    October 25, 2019

'Entry of radical Islamist forces into northern Syria is disturbing,' ex-Israeli intelligence official says

(JNS)—Israel has been closely monitoring Turkey’s brutal offensive against the Kurds in northeast Syria in recent days. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned the Turkish invasion on Oct. 10, stating that Israel “warns against the... Full story

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    October 18, 2019

Leaving Syria: A blow to US deterrence, a boost to Middle East Islamists

(JNS)-The decision by U.S. President Donald Trump to pull back troops from northern Syria in the face of a likely Turkish offensive against Kurdish forces is a blow to American deterrent power in the... Full story

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    October 11, 2019

As Moscow waits for Israeli electoral outcome, the future of Syria looms over relations

(JNS)-When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu flew to Sochi in Russia last month to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the event turned into a political football back in Israel. Seizin... Full story

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    June 28, 2019

Iran is dragging the Middle East into a dangerous standoff

(JNS)—In recent weeks, Iran and its proxies have begun operating under a new directive best described as a policy of controlled escalation. Still, the potential for miscalculation and region-wide... Full story

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    June 7, 2019

Israel's not-so-subtle message to Iran that it is watching and poised to strike

(JNS)-The Israeli satellite imagery company, ImageSat International (ISI), released photographs in recent days showing what it described as "Iran's land bridge from Tehran to the Mediterranean." The i... Full story

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    April 5, 2019

IDF pummels Hamas

(JNS)—The Hamas rocket that shattered a village home in the Sharon district of central Israel, north of Tel Aviv early on morning of March 25, is an attack that for Israeli leadership represents a step too far. Eleven days after Hamas fired two... Full story

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    April 5, 2019

Israel has 'no alternative' but to rely on force to stop Iran in Syria

(JNS)—Iran could be trying to build missile factories in Syria again, according to recent reports, raising the possibility of further Israeli preemptive action. The Israeli commercial satellite company ImageSat International (ISI) published images... Full story

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    March 22, 2019

Rockets on Tel Aviv an escalation that could cost Hamas dearly

(JNS)-Last Thursday night's twin rocket attack on greater Tel Aviv from the Gaza Strip marks a dramatic escalation of the security situation that could prove to be highly costly for Hamas. While it... Full story

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    January 18, 2019

Israel's border fence with Egypt has transformed the south

(JNS)-This time six years ago, Israel completed its high-tech border fence with Egypt, marking the start of a transformation in the situation along this restive frontier. With its network radars and... Full story

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    January 11, 2019

With SpaceIL launch, its to the moon and beyond for Israel

(JNS)—In 2019, a team of Israelis will make history when an unmanned spacecraft they built will launch from Cape Canaveral, Fla., destined for the moon. SpaceIL, an Israeli nonprofit organization,... Full story


Amid Hezbollah counter-tunnel operations, IDF must be 'ready for deterioration'

(JNS)-As the Israel Defense Forces ploughs ahead with an operation to expose and destroy a network of Hezbollah tunnels snaking their way into northern Israel from Lebanon, the military must also be... Full story

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    October 5, 2018

Could Chinese involvement in Israeli ports pose a security risk?

(JNS)-A decision by the Israeli government to award Chinese companies contracts to manage and build key Israeli ports is drawing controversy in Israel. Haifa's growing port, located close to a naval b... Full story


'Enemy cyber threat growing,' warn security experts amid Hamas cyber attacks

(JNS) The ability of Israel's enemies to target civilians and members of the armed forces with cyber attacks is growing, security experts have warned. In August, the Israeli ClearSky cyber-security... Full story


How an injured skateboarder became an Israel Navy submarine officer

(JNS)-When Lt. S (full name withheld), a professional skateboarder, slammed into a safety barrier while traveling at 60 kilometers an hour during a sports event-breaking his back, pelvis and shin a... Full story


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