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 By Yaakov Lappin    News    August 17, 2018

Hamas is taking the region to the brink of war

(JNS)-The security escalation in southern Israel and the Gaza Strip over the last 24 hours shows that Hamas is prepared to take the region to the brink of war, and that it believes it can force new... Full story

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    August 17, 2018

Israeli hospitals drill the transition from 'routine to war'

(JNS)—Under the expert guidance of IDF Home Front Command, Israeli hospitals across the country are shoring up their ability to shift into war mode should a sudden conflict erupt without prior warning. In such a scenario, hospitals could, like the... Full story

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    August 10, 2018

Israel's newest air-defense system makes its debut

(JNS)-Israel's newest air-defense system, David's Sling, made the headlines this week after going into action for the first time on the border with Syria. Although it appeared not to strike the... Full story

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    July 27, 2018

As Hamas ups the ante in Gaza, Israel loses patience, hitting back

(JNS)-In its desperate effort to break out of isolation and prevent the Gazan economy from collapsing, Hamas is marching Gaza to the very brink of war with Israel. All of Hamas's recent actions are de... Full story

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    July 27, 2018

First women tank commanders begin their duties in the IDF

(JNS)-The first four female tank commanders in the Israel Defense Forces have successfully completed their grueling training course and will now begin their operational duties. Several additional... Full story

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    June 29, 2018

'Bombs would have destroyed buses, cafes,' says battalion commander who raided Hamas terror cell

(JNS)—Israel’s domestic intelligence agency, the Shin Bet, announced on Sunday that it had broken up a major Hamas terrorist cell that was forming in the West Bank Palestinian city of Nablus. The Shin Bet described the cell as unusual in its scop... Full story

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    June 8, 2018

Palestinian Islamic Jihad prompts dangerous escalation in southern Israel

(JNS)-Gaza's second-largest terrorist faction, Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), is leading the current dangerous escalation of the security situation, which may yet escalate further, and which... Full story

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    June 1, 2018

Half of Syria's air defenses destroyed by IAF in recent months

(JNS)-Some 50 percent of air-defense batteries belonging to the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad have been destroyed after they fired on Israel Air Force jets in recent months during multiple... Full story

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    May 18, 2018

Israel unleashes powerful strike capabilities after Iran hits first

(JNS) In striking more than 50 Iranian military targets within 90 minutes early on Thursday morning, the Israel Defense Force displayed just a sample of its advanced, intelligence-fueled precision... Full story

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    May 11, 2018

Middle East braces for a tense May

(JNS)-The coming month of May looks set to contain an unusual number of potential escalation points that could converge to create a highly explosive month. The Israeli defense establishment is dealing... Full story


Walking in the footsteps of those who battled in 1948

(JNS)-Members of the Israel Defense Forces and Israeli civilians are jointly commemorating the decisive battles of the 1948 War of Independence ahead of national celebrations of Israel's 70th year of... Full story

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    April 20, 2018

Analysis: Latest Israeli airstrike in Syria likely stopped new Iranian threat

(JNS)-The recent missile strike on a military airbase deep in the central Syrian desert looks like the latest installment in a long-standing Israeli campaign to police its red lines against highly dan... Full story

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    March 30, 2018

Training for Gaza, where the enemy lurks in tunnels and towers

(JNS)-Since Hamas came to power in the Gaza Strip more than a decade ago, it has built, trained, and armed a terrorist-army and guerilla force, and planted it in high-rise buildings, underground... Full story

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    March 23, 2018

Preping for possible Mideast war

(JNS) The Israeli and U.S. militaries are in the midst of a large-scale missile-defense exercise, designed to simulate responses to a Middle East war on multiple fronts. The scenario at the heart of the planned, biannual drill involves the Israeli... Full story

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    March 9, 2018

Syria is now 'a Shi'a colony of Iran,' Damascus-born professor tells Israeli conference

(JNS)-After years of bloody warfare, Syria has become a "Shi'a colony of Iran," a Syrian professor who lives in Germany told an Israeli conference in recent days. Addressing the Begin-Sadat Center... Full story

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    January 26, 2018

Netanyahu trip comes as Israel-India defense and tech ties continue to grow

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to India is occurring against the backdrop of a massive and still growing river of defense sales and technology transfers from Jerusalem to New... Full story

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    January 5, 2018

New elite military unit ready to defend Israel from Gaza terror threat

A new elite IDF infantry unit is about to take up its position along Israel’s border with the Gaza Strip.  The Haruv (Carob) unit, named after a renowned force that operated in Israel’s southern desert borders in the 1960s and 1970s, was once a... Full story


Hamas 'just waiting for Abbas to die' as Palestinian unity deal falters

Hamas's latest effort to join a Palestinian unity government is little more than a facade, and the terror group's top immediate objective is to seize control of Judea and Samaria and turn it into a... Full story

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    December 8, 2017

Israel's emerging underground wall is latest round in 'competition' with Gaza terrorists

Within two years, a deep underground wall, equipped with advanced sensors, will cut through Hamas’s ability to tunnel into Israel. That will lead southern Israeli villages and towns to breathe a collective sigh of relief. But the Gazan terrorist... Full story

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    August 11, 2017

IDF's Counter-Terrorism Branch helps Israel 'be ready for the next war'

On Friday night July 21, Maj. Hanan (full name withheld for security reasons) received word of a gruesome development. A knife-wielding Palestinian terrorist had killed three members of an Israeli fam... Full story

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    March 24, 2017

Facing more powerful enemies, Israel's military steps up training

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has significantly stepped up the scope and frequency of its combat training, as sub-state jihadist enemies around the Jewish state build up their power.  In the event... Full story


U.S. and Israel agree on opposing Iran deal

A year and a half after it was signed, the nuclear deal between Iran and world powers has held up, but the agreement’s future is now in doubt.  Before being elected last November, President Donald Trump described the agreement with Iran as “the... Full story

 By Yaakov Lappin    News    February 3, 2017

Syrian opposition figures share their vision with Israelis, deflect Arab protesters

"You are living in a paradise in comparison to the Syrian people. Shame on you. We are being killed," said Issam Zeitoun, who lives in the Syrian portion of the Golan Heights, in response to... Full story


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