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 By Ed Borowsky    News    June 25, 2021

Federation meeting addresses the growing antisemitism

On June 14, at 7 p.m., an in-person and zoom meeting was hosted by Keith Dvorchik, CEO of the Jewish Federation of Orlando, and Aaron Weill, CEO of Central Florida Hillel, for a community discussion...

 By Ed Borowsky    Features    June 11, 2021

Jews in the Land of Disney: The 'human factor' in serving a higher purpose

Like many American Jews, Michael Fineberg, Ph.D.'s paternal grandparents emigrated from Lithuania and Russia, his maternal grandparents from Romania and Austria, arriving by boat to the United States...

 By Ed Borowsky    News    May 14, 2021

JFS Orlando helps those with drug-related problems

The CDC showed that the final 2020 overdose deaths in the United States exceeded 90,000, compared to 70,530 in 2019. It is the highest annual number on record, and the largest single-year percentage...

 By Ed Borowsky    Features    April 30, 2021

Jews in the Land of Disney: 'Last of the Jewish Rednecks' fills father's shoes in the orange industry

Part 2 of 2 Laurence Morrell's father passed away right after he graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. "I came back home immediately and had to take over the running of my father's business. My...

 By Ed Borowsky    Opinions    April 23, 2021

Viewpoint: Are we brainwashed?

I have seen reasonable American citizens, who have families, who work hard, pay their taxes, serve in our military, belong to their PTA etc., become irrational and even crazy at times when it comes to political opinion. And I’ve observed, under...

 By Ed Borowsky    Features    April 23, 2021

Jews in the Land of Disney: Laurence Morrell - self-proclaimed 'last of the Jewish rednecks'

Part 1 of 2 Laurence Morrell is very proud that he considers himself, "the last of the Jewish rednecks." He's proud because he's worked hard outside in the elements, in the fields of orange groves...

 By Ed Borowsky    News    March 26, 2021

Have you seen the Passover Playbook?

Introducing the "Passover Playbook," brought to the Jewish community by Orlando Jewish Parent. OJP, for short, is a comprehensive program, embraced by the Jewish Federation of Greater Orlando and The...

 By Ed Borowsky    Features    March 26, 2021

A moment remembered from Passovers past

I have to tell you about my Aunt Ann and Uncle Harry, both first-generation Americans fresh off the boat from Istanbul, Turkey, and Russia. They owned a fish store in Philadelphia. Their fish shop was the end store on a block of row homes in the...

 By Ed Borowsky    Features    March 12, 2021

Jews in the Land of Disney: Hidden treasure - the Jewish Capital Alliance

By Ed Borowsky "As my forefathers planted for me, so I, too, plant for my children," Talmud, Ta'anit 23bm. There is an independent advisory group/501(c)(3) organization called the Jewish Capital...


Jews in the Land of Disney: Jews in the Land of Disney Joe Goldovitz - From cranberry farmer to Jewish spiritual leader, but always a musician

When Joe Goldovitz learned to play the piano at an early age, he didn't realize that music would be the consistent thread that kept him going in more ways than one can imagine. Goldovitz's father was...


Jews in the Land of Disney: A diverse career path brought Keith Dvorchik to the Federation

From the time Keith Dvorchik was a young boy, he has moved no less than eight times and has had a variety of careers all of which prepared him for his job as CEO of The Roth Family JCC and executive...


Jews in the Land of Disney: For Charlene Neely, digging into genealogy uncovered her rich Jewish heritage

One side of Charlene Neely's family settled in New Mexico in 1590. The other side settled there in 1680. "Both grandparents were Roman Catholic and although we were Hispanic, we didn't have the...


Jews in the Land of Disney: The 'Zen'-sational Joanne Fink

Joanne Fink grew up on the Main Line in Philadelphia, Pa., the daughter of first-generation Polish/Austrian and Russian immigrants. Fink found her passion for art in high school. Her parents were the...


Jews in the Land of Disney: From 'Fingers Zambeeze' to cantor, Allan Robuck brings the beauty of music to the community

At eight years of age, Allan Robuck, cantor of Congregation Ohev Shalom, “didn’t have an option” about playing music. “I grew up in a musical family and my two brothers and younger sister had...


Jews in the Land of Disney: With family and friends, Debbie Meitin has lived a wonderful life

"I was born in Cleveland, Ohio, the only child of Rosalind and Irving Dorsky. My grandparents came from Belarus and Ukraine to the United States at the turn of the 20th century. My paternal...

 By Ed Borowsky    Features    July 31, 2020

Jews in the Land of Disney: The Share family volunteerism passed down l'dor v'dor

Adrian and Geanne Share came to the Orlando area in 1998. "My husband's an engineer whose passion is to see high-speed rail built in the U.S., and we came to Florida for that purpose. He's spent 20 ye...

 By Ed Borowsky    Features    July 24, 2020

Jews in the Land of Disney: Entrepreneur Les Neumann, racecar driver at 60+

How does a nice Jewish boy from the Bronx grow up to become a racecar driver? Meet Les Neumann. He now lives in DeLand, is semi-retired and races on the Vintage Race Car Circuit. This is no small...

 By Ed Borowsky    Features    July 17, 2020

Jews in the Land of Disney: Wendy B. Libby, first Jewish president of Stetson University

In 2009, Wendy B. Libby, Ph.D., a nice Jewish girl from Brooklyn, became the ninth and first female president of Stetson University. Founded in 1883, Libby is also the first Jewish president. She offi...

 By Ed Borowsky    Features    July 10, 2020

Jews in the Land of Disney: Dr. Joseph Berrios' long road to self-discovery

This is the fourth article in a four-part series about the Puerto Rican Jews living in Central Florida and their history. In an attempt to atone for the Inquisition, Spain has been offering...

 By Ed Borowsky    Features    July 3, 2020

Jews In the Land of Disney: Pilar Basrawi-Marrero has come home to Judaismo

This is the third article in a four-part series about the Puerto Rican Jews living in Central Florida and their history. "Grito de Lares," a revolt protesting Spanish rule over Puerto Rico began on...

 By Ed Borowsky    Features    June 26, 2020

Jews In the Land of Disney: Stolen identities now restored - Enrique Montanez' story

This is the second article in a four-part series about the Puerto Rican Jews living in Central Florida and their history. Following the Spanish-American War, in 1898, Spain ceded Puerto Rico to the...

 By Ed Borowsky    Features    May 22, 2020

RosenCare-a new paradigm in healthcare

By Ed Borowsky Rosen Hotels & Resorts currently employs more than 4,000 associates, all of whom owner Harris Rosen considers part of his extended family. In 1974, Rosen purchased his first...

 By Ed Borowsky    Features    May 8, 2020

Jews in the Land of Disney: Meet a mainstay in the Jewish community

Dr. Bernard Kahn is one of the 36 percent who call themselves native Floridians. Born in Orlando in 1951, Bernie has lived and worked in the Orlando area his entire life and has seen the growth of... Full story

 By Ed Borowsky    Features    April 10, 2020

Spotlight on Rabbi Sholom Dubov, chief rabbi Chabad, Orlando

The prevalent thinking in 1972 was that the seventh Chabad Rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson, on his 70th birthday, was going to reveal his retirement plans. Rather, he laid down a challenge. He was... Full story

 By Ed Borowsky    Features    March 27, 2020

The temple of Zoom (Video Conferencing) is upon us

The new coronavirus, aka COVID 19, is upon the world. It happened so quickly that our Jewish leaders had to react: No coming to temple. Adhere to the guidelines limiting gatherings to 10 people or less. Exercise social distancing. The following is... Full story


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