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 By Robert Gluck    News    November 11, 2016

Hadassah continues leading-edge research in breast cancer detection

One of the leaders in the fight against breast cancer is Dr. Tamar Peretz Yablonski, the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, whose tenacity and determination to find a cure inspires her and countless... Full story


We're all from the same planet

Can a children's book about the Jewish High Holidays help advance world peace? A new edition of an award-winning children's book author thinks so-and National Geographic agrees. "Celebrate Rosh Hashan... Full story


Israel's first NASCAR driver revved up to win

As a young boy growing up in Ashdod, Israel, Alon Day got his first go-kart at age 9. By 15, he was racing them. Less than a decade later, Day has become the first Israeli professional race car... Full story


For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Hadassah fights BRCA with decorated bras

BRCA. It's the gene mutation that gives Ashkenazi Jews a higher risk of breast cancer than the general population. But the women's Zionist organization Hadassah is using three of BRCA's letters-b, r,... Full story


Nearly lost Yiddish language increasingly popular among Jewish college students

For those who try to get in better touch with their Ashkenazi Jewish heritage by studying Yiddish at the college level, there are challenges-but those can be outweighed by the nakhes (pride or... Full story

 By Robert Gluck    Features    July 10, 2015

Jerry Lewis, legendary Jewish comic and humanitarian, stays relevant at 89

Through appreciation of both his comedy and humanitarian work, legendary Jewish entertainer Jerry Lewis is staying relevant at age 89. The only comic to ever be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize,... Full story


The other Spielberg tells story of American pilots who fought for Israel in 1948

Not as famous as director Steven Spielberg is his sister Nancy, the filmmaker. Lesser known than the Israelis who fought for their country's independence were the American pilots who secretly joined... Full story


Authors examine education's impact on Jewish history

Why has education been so important to the Jewish people? Author Maristella Botticini says a unique religious norm enacted within Judaism two millennia ago made male literacy universal among Jews many centuries earlier than it was universal for the... Full story

 By Robert Gluck    Features    July 4, 2014

David Letterman's sidekick on his 'dream job,' Jewish upbringing

A Jewish upbringing taught Paul Shaffer, David Letterman's musical director and sidekick for 32 years, the value of giving back. After the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, Shaffer served as musical director... Full story

 By Robert Gluck    Features    June 13, 2014

No couch potato: knish expert takes global journey for 'Jewish soul food' book

The history of the knish represents more than just the lineage of a fried, dumpling-like food. It demonstrates the often-central role of food in communities and cultural legacies. Laura Silver knows... Full story

 By Robert Gluck    Features    May 16, 2014

Each May histories collide

Dr. Gary P. Zola sees an inextricable connection between American Jewish history, American history, and global Jewish history. "The study of the Jewish experience in the context of the American... Full story


Remembering famed Jewish astronomer Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan fans old and new have been gazing at their televisions in awe as host Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson’s resurrection of the science epic “Cosmos” takes them on a journey from the Big Bang, to microscopic one-celled organisms, to the ascent... Full story

 By Robert Gluck    Features    March 7, 2014

'American Hustle' conjures up story of Jewish con artist

When former New York Times reporter Leslie Maitland first heard that Amy Adams would be in "American Hustle," she smiled, thinking the actress would portray her.  In director David O. Russell's film... Full story


Beatles' Jewish manager remembered 50 years after band's American debut

Amid the celebrations and hoopla surrounding the 50th anniversary of the Beatles' arrival in America and their appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show," the man Paul McCartney called "the fifth Beatle"... Full story


Authors examine education's impact on Jewish history

Why has education been so important to the Jewish people? Author Maristella Botticini says a unique religious norm enacted within Judaism two millennia ago made male literacy universal among Jews man... Full story


Billy Crystal's serious side

After suffering a tough personal loss early in life, there has always been a serious side to the comedy of famed Jewish entertainer Billy Crystal. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the death of... Full story


Wilt Chamberlain's Jewish role models

With the 2013-14 National Basketball Association season set to begin Oct. 29, this month also marks the 14th anniversary of the death of Wilt Chamberlain, one of the greatest players ever. Beyond his... Full story


Did Sukkot help shape Thanksgiving?

According to one of the foremost experts on American Judaism, Dr. Jonathan Sarna, the biblical holiday did not exactly guide the Puritans’ thinking during colonial times, but they were generally... Full story


Holocaust resistance of White Rose group remembered 70 years later

Among the various events in Holocaust history marking their 70th anniversary this year—including the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, the Nazis’ failed assault on Stalingrad, and a Washington, DC march by 400 rabbis who urged President Franklin Delano... Full story

 By Robert Gluck    Features    July 19, 2013

From Star Trek to Jewish-themed photography

Leonard Nimoy says there is a “strong strain of Judaism” in everything he does—including his famous on-screen hand gestures. Best known for his character Mr. Spock in the “Star Trek... Full story

 By Robert Gluck    News    May 3, 2013

Gun control, mental health and the Holocaust

While the gun control debate intensifies in the U.S., a bipartisan group of lawmakers is pointing to improved treatment of mental health issues, rather than stricter gun laws, as the proper preventive... Full story


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